Shipping Policy

Delivery to carrier shall constitute delivery to customer. Red Rock Distribution LLC dba WaterOnTheWeb ("WOW") ships all product in good order and therefore responsibility terminates upon delivery in good order to carrier. All goods are shipped at the customer’s risk. Any claim for loss or damage in transit should be made promptly by the customer against carrier. To make an effective claim, write any issues seen on the delivery bill of lading or delivery receipt upon accepting the delivery and make sure you have a signed copy by the person making the delivery. Additionally, document any damage with a camera both to the exterior of the delivered product, as well as, any photos of damaged product within.

Please note, a dented or damaged box does not necessarily indicate that the product has been damaged.

Please check all deliveries and note any issues on any UPS, FEDEX Ground or USPS (ground) deliveries and report any issues to shipper immediately. Any delivery notification for any ground shipments constitutes delivery to the customer. WOW provides free shipping to all customers within the 48 continental United States however any additional cost to WOW incurred for incorrect information provided in the order, additional attempts and/or redirection generated by the WOW customer will be the responsibility of the WOW customer and will result in additional billing to that WOW customer.

Please check all deliveries and note any issues on any truck deliveries. Customer must be available to accept and sign for any truck delivery. All truck deliveries are strapped and wrapped to a pallet and shipped complete. Pink notice indicates how many pallets and what the carton quantity should be in that pallet delivery. Yellow notices are posted on all truck deliveries with an “Important Notice” to check all deliveries. There is no recourse with a truck delivery if you do not note any issues, questions or concerns upon the receipt of the delivery. Drop shipments by truck are especially difficult and very different from small items delivered by ground shipments.

Shipping Charges

WOW provides Free Shipping to all customers within the 48 continental United States for motor freight delivery which is defined as delivery to your garage or door and does not include inside delivery or inside drop off or placement.

Please be aware that any requests that you, the customer, make to the carrier/delivery driver to place a parcel inside your garage or home may incur additional expense that will be billed to WOW or to you. Motor carriers/delivery drivers are only authorized to delivery a parcel to the curb. Any additional cost incurred for incorrect information you may have provided in the order, any delays, storage, or additional attempts and/or redirection (i.e. requesting a delivery to be brought inside the garage or home) generated by the you, the customer, will be your responsibility and will result in additional billing to you.