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Pair of UV Housing Clips

FREE Shipping! Pair of extra strong clips for UV housing. Compatible ONLY with EWS under counter water filtration units with UV, and reverse osmosis systems with UV.

Pressure Limiting Valve- 3/8"

FREE Shipping! Highly recommended pressure limiting valve that fits all EWS Max Flow Systems. Caution: This is a safeguard to pressure surges and water hammers only. It is preferable to solve those issues at the water supply.

Swivel Branch T

FREE Shipping! JG 1/4x swivel branch t (RO only). Compatible ONLY with EWS under counter reverse osmosis systems.

Tank Adaptor 4" to 2 1/2"

Tank Adaptor for all EWS and CWL 1354-1 and 1354-HF (High Flow) and EWS 7000 (Spectrum) whole home appliances.   NOTE: This is not for the CWL 7000 (Spectrum).