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Max Flow Parts Bag

Max Flow Parts Bag Includes: Angle Stop Fitting Faucet Fitting Brass Fitting 90 Degree White Fitting 90 Degree Grey Fitting 3/8" White Tube 3/8" Blue Tube Head Unit

TS12 Iron Piston

Piston (donwflow) and Seals Kit for all Touch Screen Valves for iron systems. 7-1/8" with a white dot to designate the proper piston with inside diameter that has a short ribs (vs long ribs or threaded) 

1" DTV Screen

1 DTV Screen for EWS/CWL 1035, EWS/CWL 1054, and EWS/CWL 1354 whole home appliances. The riser tube goes through this speciality screen and fits into the base of the 1 DTV control valve.   NOTE: This is not the correct screen for any...

1465 Tank

14 x 65 Tank with 4" neck and 8" self leveling black base  for all EWS-CC-1465 & CWL-CC-1465 Systems. NOTE: If the tank needs to have a 2.5" opening then an adaptor needs to be ordered separate.