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HF DTV Valve Screen

PART - Valve screen for 1" HF (2750) valve. Screen is attached to the base of the valve using included stainless screws. Screen goes over riser creating a seal against materials being lifted into valve and home. Riser is seated into valve past valve...

Max Flow Parts Bag

Max Flow Parts Bag Includes: Angle Stop Fitting Faucet Fitting Brass Fitting 90 Degree White Fitting 90 Degree Grey Fitting 3/8" White Tube 3/8" Blue Tube Head Unit

Orange Tubing

FREE Shipping! Orange 1/4 - 5'L. For all units feed supply water. Compatible with ALL EWS under counter water filtration units, and reverse osmosis systems.

Pressure Limiting Valve- 1/4"

FREE Shipping! Highly recommended pressure limiting valve that fits all EWS under counter sink filtration units. Caution: This is a safeguard to pressure surges and water hammers only. It is preferable to solve those issues at the water supply.

TS12 Valve Transformer

PART - Transformer for Touch Screen Valve used on all 1035, 1054, 1354, Spectrum, 1465, 1865 systems using touch screen TS12 valve. Simple plug & play into valve and 110v wall outlet

1" DTV Screen

1 DTV Screen for EWS/CWL 1035, EWS/CWL 1054, and EWS/CWL 1354 whole home appliances. The riser tube goes through this speciality screen and fits into the base of the 1 DTV control valve.   NOTE: This is not the correct screen for any...

23 Gal. Tank

FREE Shipping! 23 gallon capacity tank w/assembly. For EWS reverse osmosis systems only.