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BB Wrench

Wrench for Big Blue Housings  BB1" Setup, BB 1.5" Set up and BB-FUGAC200A-1 units

Blue Tubing

FREE Shipping! Blue 1/4 - 5'L. For all units filtered water. Compatible with ALL EWS under counter water filtration units, and reverse osmosis systems.

Feed & Faucet Quick Connect Fitting

This is the standard quick connect fitting that is inserted into all Feed & Faucet fittings for all DWS & RO models. This fitting can be in white or grey and is angled 90 degrees and swivels to make easier connections without kinking tubing to...

Max Flow Parts Bag

Max Flow Parts Bag Includes: Angle Stop Fitting Faucet Fitting Brass Fitting 90 Degree White Fitting 90 Degree Grey Fitting 3/8" White Tube 3/8" Blue Tube Head Unit