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Housing Connector

FREE Shipping! Dual m-connector between housings. Compatible with EWS under counter water filtration units FUGAC200, FUGAC250, and UU350 only.

1" Dual Male Connector Yoke

FREE Shipping! Dual male thread 1 control valve connector, for proper connection to 1 EWS and CWL whole home water filtration units (EWS/CWL 1054/1354-1).

DTV Circuit Board-Red

Plug and play electronic circuit board for all EWS/CWL systems with DTV electronic valves with red LED display. If your display numbers are blue, please ordered the BLUE version of this circuit board.

Red Clip for Bypass

ONE set of red clips (2) for Pro Series (Spectrum/7000) bypasses. Designed for the following models: CS-EWS-1354-7000 CS-CWL-1354-7000 EWS-CC-1465-7 EWS-CC-1865-7 CWL-CC-1465-7 CWL-CC-1865-7 CS-TT1054-7000

HF Valve Piston

 Proper piston for filter units for all CWL and EWS-1354-HF filter units and older Iron Removal Systems using the HF valve. (Softener systems all use a different piston to run through regenration properly vs filter backwashing)

UV Transformer (2-Pin for Pre-2011 UV Units)

FREE Shipping! UV electric 2-pin step down transformer 68 series. What is the difference between this pre-2011 2-pin UV transformer and the new post-2011 4-pin UV transformer? Just a slight upgrade in quality and improvement of a new solid state...

DTV Circuit Board-Blue

FREE Shipping! Circuit board for all 1.5 EWS and CWL water filtration systems. If your digital display numbers are red, this is not the correct circuit board for you. Please call customer service for help.

Jaco Compression for UV Module

FREE Shipping! Jaco compression @ UV module for UV units and RO with UV option. Compatible ONLY with EWS under counter water filtration units with UV, and under counter reverse osmosis units with UV.