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Filter Replacement for Heater Guard 3/4"

Filter Replacement for EWS Heater Guard 3/4 Filter Included: BB-GUARD-FILTER-3/4 20 nominal 5 micron filter with 100% FDA food-grade polyphosphate. Replace your filter annually, not to exceed 1 year. Meets or exceeds NSF Standard 42, lead-free...

PRESED-05 Filter Replacement | Pre-Sediment Filter

Filter Replacement, Pre-Sediment 5 Micron Item No.: PRESED-05 Description: 5 micron pre-sediment filter Replacement Schedule: up to 1 year, not to exceed 1 year Compatible Units: FUGAC200, FUGAC250, UU250, FUGAC300, FUGAC350, UU350, and All EWS Reverse...