EWS 1035-V2 | Filtration & Conditioning for Condos, Small Homes, Limited Space

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Enjoy Real Protection from Tap Water Contaminants.

Whole home water filtration is a proven final barrier against many of the harmful chemicals and treatment byproducts that are found in all city water. The President’s Cancer Panel recommends home water filtration to reduce or eliminate our exposure to over 80,000 unstudied and unregulated contaminants. To safeguard your family from the harmful chemicals found in all city water, Environmental Water Systems has engineered the highest quality, highest-grade water filtration appliance on the market.

  • Healthy, delicious water to every sink and shower in your home – with just one appliance
  • Hassle-free appliance does not require any regular maintenance or frequent filter changes
  • Protects your family from contaminants that are absorbed into the skin while showering and bathing
  • 100% pure granular activated carbon (GAC) – no silver impregnation, no metal resins, no fillers Proprietary GAC is the highest grade and highest iodine rating available
  • Removes and reduces chlorine, chloramine, THMS, and VOCs**
  • Inhibits hard water build-up in pipes and heaters, and makes for easier spot clean-up on surfaces
  • No salt, no magnets, and no metal resins
  • Meets or exceeds all FDA, NSF, ANSI, and California State standards and compliances
  • Easy installation, comparable to the installation of a water heater
  • 10-year or 1,000,000 gallon filtration media lifespan¹
  • 10-year warranty
  • Suitable for city tap water or well water*  
  • Made in California, USA

The EWS 1035 installs at your home's main water service line (usually located in your garage) to filter all the water in your home. The appliance is designed for 3/4" or 1" plumbing lines and installing this water filtration appliance is as easy as installing a water heater. Complete installation information comes with every appliance, so any plumber can do it. Installation requirements are simple – connection to your home's main water service line (usually located in your garage, or next to your water heater), a convenient place to drain or reuse the appliance's eco-friendly self-cleaning water, and a standard 110v electric outlet for the electronic valve head (this consumes only the power of a doorbell). No salt softener plumbing loops or bypasses needed (these are used to prevent drinking taps, pools, and plants from using salt softened water). Drain (backwash) water is safe and can be used for plants and gardening. Backwashing is of the utmost importance to the health and longevity of the filtration media. Prevents packing, channeling, and bacterial growth.

EWS 1035 has a 15 gallon per minute (gpm) flow rate, which means it will not limit flow rate or water pressure.


¹Based on your local water conditions and usage.

*Well water is required to have independent, complete, and proper testing of your well water to determine the proper course of action to specify the correct system(s). 

**VOCs or volatile organic compounds are man-made pollutants. There are over 80,000 contaminants categorized as VOCs including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fluoride, PFOAs, PFA, and Gen X.

Hard Water Caution: EWS Spectrum's physical conditioning abilities can have a limited effectiveness with very hard water – meaning, water hardness that is 30 grains (~500mg/l) and higher. Similar to issues with salt softeners and ion-exchange, conditioning can be adversely affected by abnormal pH levels, alkalinity, and/or silica. Please consult with customer service to establish realistic aesthetic expectations, receive helpful household hints in handling water hardness, or for help on choosing a combination of water treatment that will best suit your needs and preferences. 

Meets or exceeds all FDA, NSF, ANSI, and California State standards and compliances. Made in the USA.

Exclusive water filtration product of the New American Showcase Home and International Builders’ Show. Showcased by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), HGTV, NextGen, DPHA, and more. Available in over 700 Kitchen & Bath Showrooms in the United States.


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Janice Aug 24th 2010

Customer review

***Definitely Recommend!*** If you are on the fence about getting water filtration, you should read all the reports on water contamination! Personally, I'm not going to use water that is contaminated, and I don't trust all the rinky dink filters to do a good job. I live in a small (ish) upper-level condo and had this little guy installed in the storage closet where my heater is. I don't normally write reviews (ever) but I'm so pleased with the quality of this product. You can tell its high quality. I never have any issues with it (in the 3 years I've had it), I don't ever have to do anything to it, my water tastes "clean", and I like that I don't ever shower in chlorine.

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