ESSENTIAL Drinking Water System with Ultraviolet Protection (Model #: DWS-UV)

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ESSENTIAL Drinking Water System with Ultraviolet Disinfection Upgrade (Model #: DWS-UV)

Complete drinking water system comes with everything you need:

  • Three USA-made, highest grade filters for advanced filtration.
  • Ultraviolet bacteria kill lamp.
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and recyclable filter housings.
  • Long reach swivel faucet (California no-lead compliant).
  • Tubing, fittings, UV lamp transformer, and installation guide.


  • Removes and Reduces Chloramine, Chlorine, Pesticides, Obesogens, Pharmaceutical Residues, and More.
  • UV Upgrade Protects You and Your Family from Bacteria and Viruses – 99.99% Effective.
  • Three-Stages of Full Bed Depth, Highest Quality Filtration Media. Meets or Exceeds the Highest Standards and Compliances.
  • Easy to Install and Hassle-Free.
  • Change the Filters Only Once Per Year. USA-Made.

Looking for Your Filter Replacement? Click here for your ESSENTIAL DWS UV Filter Replacement Set.

Are You on a Well? Well water is required to have independent, complete and proper testing of your well water to determine the proper course of action in order to specify the correct system(s). Click here to have your well water independently tested. Once you receive the results, we will be able to assist you in picking the right water filtration for your unique situation.


Reviews (2)

TxGerber Aug 11th 2020

Highly Recommend

Product is excellent. Highly recommend purchasing. I've had two versions of the under sink filter DSW-UV over a 20 year period, version improvements were wonderful. Its so easy to change the cartridges, just like changing a refrigerator filter cartridge. Customer Service is truly full service.

Alpha Darrin Apr 20th 2012

Customer review

I have been using EWS water filtration products for 12 years. This product is awesome and the peace of mind it brings me and my family is worth every penny.

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