Filter Replacement Set: Three-Stage Reverse Osmosis System (RU300C18)

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Filter Replacement Set for EWS Three-Stage Reverse Osmosis System (RU300C18) Includes ALL Filters for the RU300C18: PRESED-05, GAC-00, RO-M-CTA (Filter Codes: 1, 6 & 11) Description: 5 micron pre-sediment filter, Granular activated carbon postfilter, CTA membrane. Full-size, full bed depth, medical-grade filters for optimum performance and longer life Replacement Schedule: Up to 1 year, not to exceed 1 year   MADE IN THE USA


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Unknown Nov 9th 2012

Customer review

The products are good, but I am very upset that the price increased by over $50 for the set. I will be looking to install a different system , and one that has more universal filters. ---------- WaterOnTheWeb Reply 11/9/12: Thank you for the review! We are so happy you like the quality of the filters. Just to clarify on the pricing, we have not increased our prices by $50. However, we do include shipping and there is no sales tax (except CA and NV). If you would like, you can purchase your next filter set when we offer discounts or you could purchase from a local showroom that may be less expensive. And please do be aware of the problems with universal filters. They are often made in South Korea or China and are not vibration-packed, full bed depth filters, nor are they made with fully compliant virgin materials. You will simply not get the same quality. All of our filter systems and filter sets are made in the USA and therefore the quality and manufacturing process is better and thus more expensive initially – they last longer and perform better, so the long-term cost is less expensive than a cheap or universal filter system.

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