EWS Salt Softening - Cabinet Style For Hot Side Only or Small Homes (RT1035)

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EWS Salt Softening Unique Features Salt-Softens All the Water Throughout Your Entire Home, or Hot-Side Only More Eco-Friendly Than Other Softeners: Digital High-Efficiency Metered Valve Wastes Less Water, Uses Less Salts, & Creates Less Brine Discharge Handmade in the USA from USA-Made Parts 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty ............................................................... WARNING! • Salt Softeners are NOT Filtration Devices and Do NOT Provide Suitable Drinking Water — Please See Instead the EWS Whole Home Filtration & Conditioning Units • Legal Restrictions and Bans Apply to the Use of Salt Softeners and the Environmentally Destructive Brine Discharge in Many Areas — Please Check Your Local Water District and Laws • Salt Softeners Void Warranties on Many Fixtures, Faucets, and Appliances — Please Check Your Warranty Information Before Purchasing a Salt Softener ............................................................... There Are Benefits to Owning the EWS Cabinet Salt Softener. EWS Cabinet Style Salt Softener System — The Most Efficient & Highest Quality Softener on the Market. Here's Why: The EWS Cabinet Salt Softening System is designed for use on 3/4 to 1 water lines. The brine tank holds 100 lbs. salt (sodium or potassium chloride). The exclusive digital high-efficiency metered valve meets the highest standards to waste less water, use less salts, create less brine discharge, and allows a more even effect of softened water at all times up to 12 gallons per minute (gpm). No other softener on the market is as efficient or made with such high quality standards. Here are some of the benefits to owning an EWS Cabinet Salt Softener: • Can be installed on the hot-side only in conjunction with an EWS Series or CWL Series whole-home water filtration unit • Can be combined with an EWS Reverse Osmosis unit for drinking water • Reduces water hardness • Creates greater lather and suds • Reduces soap and detergent usage • Inhibits scale formation in pipes and water heaters (WARNING: all salt softeners will corrode copper pipes and water heaters) •Makes for easier clean up of water spotting • Removes small amounts of clear iron (only) ............................................................... Easy to Install and Use. Installing an EWS Cabinet Style Salt Softening unit in your home or place of business is as easy as installing a standard water heater. • Complete installation information comes with every unit. • The EWS Cabinet Style Salt Softening units require a connection to the main water service line to filter the entire home, a convenient place to drain eco-friendly backwash water (this is gray water you can use for plants or gardening) and a simple 110 outlet to keep the valve time. • A salt-softener water plumbing loops or bypass may be needed (these are used to prevent drinking taps, pools, and plants from using salt softened water) • The valve timer on the unit only consumes the power of a doorbell Still Need Filtered, Chlorine-Free Water?: You can enjoy the chlorine-free, delicious filtered water of the CWL Series AND have the benefits of a softener by installing an EWS Soft Spectrum salt softener on the hot side only. Better yet, you may want to look into purchasing the EWS Series whole home water filtration and conditioning unit, which softens the water without any of the problems associated with a salt softener. *Warning for Those on Well Water: Well water is required to have independent, complete and proper testing of your well water to determine the proper course of action in order to specify the correct system(s).


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Unknown Aug 16th 2011

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I have extremely hard water on a well and had to get a salt softener. I have this little guy and their reverse osmosis at the kitchen and my mater bath. It's a pain in the *** to change the salt, but that's what I have to do to deal with this hard water. I would have bought their conditioner system but my hardness was way too high. Oh well. Great little softener though.

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