EWS 1035 | Filtration & Conditioning for Condos, Small Homes, Limited Space

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Filters All the Water Throughout Your Entire Home Enjoy Clean, Chlorine-Free Water for Healthier Skin and Hair Inhibits Scale Formation in Pipes, Protects Water Heaters and Appliances Eco-Friendly — No Brine Discharge, Biodegradable Filtration Media, Recyclable Unit, Replaces Bottled Water Maintenance-Free for up to 10 Years Before Filter Media Replacement Every EWS Unit is Handmade in the USA from USA-Made Parts 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty Features of the EWS Condo & Small Home Unit (EWS 1035 LTD) Perfect for Condominiums, Apartments, Townhomes, and Smaller Homes with Limited Space — Only 44 Tall! Designed for Use on 3/4 to 1 Plumbing Size Requiring Flow Rates Up to 15 Gallons Per Minute Suitable for Homes on Well Water* or City Water with Moderate Water Hardness (up to 250 mg/l or 15 grains) Choose the EWS Spectrum When There is No Space Limitation. There Are Many Benefits to Owning the EWS Condo & Small Home Unit. The EWS Series is designed to filter all your water throughout your home and assist with the problems associated with water hardness (naturally found calcium and magnesium minerals). The EWS Series gives you the benefits of a water softener, but without the salt (sodium chloride or potassium chloride) and the negative side effects of a salt softener. Enjoy chlorine-free, easy wipe-up, filtered water for your entire home or business. • EWS filtered water can be safely enjoyed for all purposes — bathing, showering, steam and sauna, drinking, cooking, watering plants, and more (you can't do that with a salt softener!) • 33 pounds (1 cu. ft.) of proprietary, highest-grade granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration media removes chlorine, chloromines, pesticides, lead, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC's) • Environmentally-friendly, biodegradable filtration media and recyclable tank • Improves the taste, clarity, and odor of all your water • Maintenance-free! No salt bags to replace, no brine discharge, no monthly or yearly filter replacements • Automatic, self-cleaning unit that actively prevents any bacterial build-up • ZERO reduction in water pressure or flow rate • Replaces costly and environmentally damaging bottled water   Get The Benefits of Softening Without All the Problems. In use worldwide, our conditioning process is called Increased Calcite Nucleation (ICN). The water retains the healthy natural minerals (calcium and magnesium) but does not allow them to adhere to surfaces, actively inhibiting scale formation in pipes and making it easier to wipe up spots. What does this mean for you and your home? • Proven to prevent scale build-up in pipes and water heaters • Safe for use on all plumbing systems (copper pipes, PVC, etc.) • Does not void appliance warranties like salt softeners do • Easier wipe off and clean up of water spotting than untreated water • Protects your home's fixtures, finishes, and surfaces • Use less soaps and detergent • Environmentally-friendly — no salts, no chemicals, no corrosive softeners • Feel clean after your shower instead of the slick soap-residue feeling • EWS delivers healthy, valuable results for the cost of a cup of coffee per day • 100% safe for pools, appliances, pets, and plants   Easy to Install and Use. Installing an EWS Series unit in your home or place of business is as easy as installing a standard water heater. • Complete installation information comes with every unit. • The EWS Series units require a connection to the main water service line to filter the entire home, a convenient place to drain eco-friendly backwash water (this is gray water you can use for plants or gardening) and a simple 110 outlet to keep the valve time. • No salt-softener water plumbing loops or bypasses needed (these are used to prevent drinking taps, pools, and plants from using salt softened water) • Drain (backwash) water is safe and can be used for plants and gardening • The valve timer on the unit only consumes the power of a doorbell Caution: Physical conditioning can have a limited effectiveness with water hardness up to 500mg/l or 30 grains and greater. Similar to issues with softeners and ion-exchange, conditioning can be adversly effected by abnormal levels of pH, alkalinity, and/or silica. Please consult with your sales associate or EWS, Inc. to establish proper aesthetic expectations, helpful household hints, or a combination of product and your best alternatives. *Warning for Those on Well Water: Well water is required to have independent, complete and proper testing of your well water to determine the proper course of action in order to specify the correct system(s).


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Janice Aug 24th 2010

Customer review

***Definitely Recommend!*** If you are on the fence about getting water filtration, you should read all the reports on water contamination! Personally, I'm not going to use water that is contaminated, and I don't trust all the rinky dink filters to do a good job. I live in a small (ish) upper-level condo and had this little guy installed in the storage closet where my heater is. I don't normally write reviews (ever) but I'm so pleased with the quality of this product. You can tell its high quality. I never have any issues with it (in the 3 years I've had it), I don't ever have to do anything to it, my water tastes "clean", and I like that I don't ever shower in chlorine.

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